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Sep 25, 2010

My Vie

Ok, my banker would have preferred that I stay in my bed this morning...

But I didn't listen to him (like I often do) and I woke up at dawn (10 am), to go to "Salon du Vintage" a vintage fair in the 4th quarter of Paris

Some old french background music to accompany your reading

Elyane Celis - Baisse un peu l'abat-jour (Put down a bit the Lampshade) - 1945

I was expecting some crazy girls fighting for famous brands old bags with bargain prices and it was close, except for the prices, they were not really sold off.

The stands are very small and you have to rummage and jostle to find rare items.
I thought the clothes prices were very high but I'm not an expert on vintage clothes.
(Picts took with my Panasonic tz6)

cute and new jewels but 45€ for a little chain with a fabric bow is very exagerated, don't you think ?

old shoes
stunning dresses
I know that!
I told you not to throw away your old plates!
(There is a stack of it in my parents'old buffet) 10€/piece nevertheless!
ok someone needs to help me with that, I know this Droopy but from where?

After looking and turning around, I made some nice discoveries:

A full of details bakelite brooch from the 50's:

A beautiful powder box, from the 40's, in which there are still a little puff and powder

Puff box

Two, what a beauty, perfume sprays from the 40's and the 50's:

And a copy of an old french fashion newspaper called "L'Echo de la Mode" (The Fashion Echo).
to honor the dear creators of the Petit Echo Malade  that I love:

what a beauty!

old ad : "desesperate patients, be brave!
The fully vegetal wonderful method that a priest has discovered will surely heal you!"

"holds the heel plumb"

sunday, March 22th, 1925

Returning home, I went to the Festiblog to identify the place for tomorrow when I will have the pleasure to see Diglee et Margaux Motin, two of my favorites illustrators, and maybe (at the conditions that the crowd doesn't stop me and that I don't make a hard fan attack), I will get a little autograph/drawing of their oh so talented hands

And then, I bought a nice plant to flower my balcony in this early autumn:

Speedwell (name of the plant, it's Veronique in french)

...some fruits and a yummy chocolate cake (religieuse) that I will eat tonight watching Medium on tv... (what? I don't go out saturday night?! What a pity!)

PS: It's screwed up for my photography courses.
Despite the fact that I made all I my possible to send my candidature at the first hour the first day when inscription has opened: I ran to Town Hall, fill out the form, ran to the Post office and send it with a "Priority" stamp on it.
The answer's arrived yesterday, inside the reply card that I filled out myself, a bad hand crossed: your candidature is rejected: no vacancies. Grrrr
They can say that it's not possible for last year students to subscribe again at the end of the cursus.
But I really think that they tell us lies and that the course was already full before the opening of the inscription.
Too bad, I would have loved to benefit others students emulation and have models and a studio at my disposal.
Anyway, c'est la vie, destiny has decided that I should continue by myself, and it's too late to subscribe somewhere else, so Viva self-educated artist' life!

To be Creative or not to be !

Good week end my lovely kitties, don't get a cold there are a plenty of microbes right now waiting for someone to jump on it!

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