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Nov 8, 2010

New Zealand - Part. 2

Milford Sound

Oh Milford Sound, may be one of the most beautifull place in the world.

Only serenity comes out of this limpid water from where rise green mountains peaks with thin white water falls. So fresh that you feel just like this place has just been born.

As we wander between this tight corridor, dolphins are playing with waves formed by the tip of the boat
sea lions are languishing on the rocks, only the light hum of the water falls is breaking the silence.

The most emotional place of all my trip.

It's not difficult to understand why Peter Jackson chose this place to shot the last scene of The Lord of the Rings, that Tolkien has described like the way to the Gray Havens, a paradise inaccessible to humans.

Grey Havens - John Howe

Milford Sound


follow the light

sunny side

follow the rainbow

falling down

head in clouds

Milford Sound

to be continued...

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