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Nov 18, 2010

Shake it baby Will

Hello you,

ok, you all already know that, if not, you spent the last month in a cave.
Bob, my dear friend is crazy about it:


This sweetie, so cute, too much, tacky or it-girl, has just started to sing after launching her own clothing line.
Well, I can't wait to wear those Converse-pants, called Phoes = Pants+Shoes.
So, I could spend ages trying to put it/them on in the morning.

I'm not really into this song, the refrain stucks in the brain forever, but I like the good energy of it and the simply nine years old having fun way. In short, her universe and not an umpteenth lolita created by an crappy old producter with bad thoughts.
This song is colored, positive, pop, fun, so cool!

She has her own style, Willow is the real daddy's girl : Will Smith who dazzled our eyes as the Fresh Prince:

clap, pshhhhhhhhtttt!

Everybody's talking about her, good or bad, it's buzzing.

So, why do I talk about it if everybody do it? 

Because of what happened yesterday's night on NBC, during the sgow Late Night with Jimmy Fall, her hit was copied by two so-real lookalikes of Neil Young and Bruce Springsteen, and it's changing everything!
I can applaud with my both hands and whip my hair back and forth in a softer way, I don't want to bind a vertebra, I'm not so young now.

Sorry, I've to go, I have to clean all the mess that Bob did when he tried to do like his idol...

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