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Sep 18, 2010

Funny Moon

Hi my chéris

I wanted to announce you my admission to Beau-Arts School in Paris, for drawing lessons "seeking personnal expression", that's how they say. I was little hopeless because I sent my candidature lately, but it works, you never know.
So, I will be able to improve my pen'stroke so that it looks like -perharps - something.
FYI, it's only evening classes, I didn't passed the entrance audition.
I hope I will meet nice people and that my teacher will be interesting.

By the way, here is a little illustration that I made a few weeks ago, just like that:

Balloon boy

This afternoon, I made a promenade to my favorite suedish temple on Haussman boulevard. When I was coming back, the moon caught my eyes hidden between two chimneys on the rooftop of Grands Boulevards buildings. I tried to shoot this moment with my compact that I had in purse, when suddenly:

amazing, isn't it ?

It makes me think about this last summer's picture :

what happens to birds?

all that to tell you that I continue practicing photo with SLR, but for now I have nothing to show you that are worth it, because I'm trying a little everything. Promised I'll show you the next worshop.

Take care of you this week end

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