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Nov 16, 2010

Life in Technicolor

Paris sunset

I was losing faith, but finally it's stopped raining yesterday !

Poor parisians gray skin, that we are, have been illuminated by the sun.
A good reason to run to the roof of Printemps (a famous department store) to capture the sky burning at sunset. So much colors like that when we are used to live in different shades of gray it's chocking!
Hence today's theme!

Find colors, those that the eyes see, those we believe we see, in fact when you isolate one of them, it's changing intensity: what is believed blue turns gray and what is believed black turns red.

Christmas lights are already shinning in Paris streets, decorations in the stores remind customers that the holidays are approaching and it's time to buy gifts.

Personally, I have not yet been invaded by the spirit of Christmas, maybe it's a little early and I have my head so full of things, it's overflowing, pushing, putting pressure, I just want to be already in 2011 so all my worries would be behind me!


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