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Nov 18, 2010

I hold my head

Because you can't whip your hair all the time like a 9 years old girl.  

Jacques Pills - Cheveux dans le vent - 1943

In real life, people rarely move their head, it can be very bad for your neck muscles and create a real pain in your cervicals, but we are not here to talk about that.

I would like to talk about this wonderfull fashion current that allows us to put some jewels in our hairs and not looking ridiculous (yeah it's fashion baby).
I remember when I was a child, I used to put a necklace on my head and act like a princess with her most beautiful tiara.
Today, Hair jewel is common and headbands became (again) real accessories, just like earrings.

Every day, it's a real pleasure to embellish my outfit with a headband or a simple ribbon in my hair, this little touch changes do it all.

I made a selection of my favorites finds:

Porcelain headband - Mulot-Bricole

Cute "Pintade" H&M of Balibulle

My favorite: Carrie's in SATC2

Tand3m brand creates awesome headbands

Louise Ebel alias Pandora is Tand3m egerie

feathers headband - ASOS

♥ strass & satin headband - ASOS 

headband - Modcloth

double band - Untamed Petals on ETSY
turquoise headband - Mylavalière on ETSY

One for every day of the week (except sunday, day of the Lord) - Yes Style

Wonderful but 293€ - Jennifer Behr

Leaf Headband - Free People

 Sparrow comb - Free People
Emma Watson's alias Hermione

or a simple hair clip like Marion Cotillard's
- Hook a brooch on a ribbon and tie it around your head.
That's what I did today, I used a black dress belt and a vintage brooch that I paid only 1€, I loved the result!
- You can stick feathers around a simple headband or fix 2-3 big feathers on a ribbon, just hide their nib behind few beads or a little jewel (like a broken or orphan earring).
- You can also recycle a chain of the handle of an old purse, cut it in two pieces at 2/3 of the size of your skull (one must be little shorter than the other one). Sew their extremities with a large dark elastic. You now have a beautiful and unique headband for 0$.

By the way if you wonder how to put a headband, check out Coline's great tutorial
I'm able to do it myself, can you believe it! Thank you Coline!

In exclusivity, look at those awesome glasses designed by Huang Mei, if you are tired of wearing your glasses on your nose and ears: 

I didn't say it was befitting...

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