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Jun 27, 2011

The girl who knew how to fly

Today, I want to talk about he wonderful work of Natsumi called Yowayowa: her Tokyo streets flying double.

Started with a simple idea, she makes our imagination vibrating and rediscover the world of weightlessness.

The secret?
Just a camera (Canon 5d) and a tripod, she positionnates all, anicipates the focus, pushes the shutter button and runs to be on the right position before the 10 seconds count down is over. At the last second, she jumps.
And she knows how to jump beautifully, that we think she is flying.

Of course, it's not working at the first shot, so she starts again until she gets the right picture, ignorating the curious eyes of passersby.

To learn more about her and follow her work, here is her blog Yowayowa.

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