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May 29, 2011

Mo(thers) Day


For those who are following my Tumblr, you would remember this pict 
(fabrics from Marché St Pierre near Montmartre)

I coudn't talk about it before, but now that Mothers Day is over, I can finally reveal you what did I do for my mum.

The occasion to offer you this little tutorial,
just in case you really regret this horrible bouquet bought a fortune at the last minute in the closest florist corner shop.
After all you don't have to wait a specific day to show your love to your mum!

You will need :
- 3 coordonated fabrics
- a sheet of drawing paper (Canson)
- a little white frame
- double-sided tape
- scissor, cutter
- a lot of love

Start by drawing and cut a heart shape on a simple sheet of paper. 
My advice is to make 6 of them so you can check that they're not too big for the frame (it's better, no?).

On the back side of each fabrics, transfer two hearts


Then cut them !




Because I wanted to bring out the hearts colors more, I've chosen to put a beige drawing paper on background.
I put the back of the frame then simply cut the paper with a cutter.



almost done!
positionnate the hearts on the sheet with the help of a rule then set them with a little piece of double-sided tape. 


don't forget to autograph your chef-d'œuvre, et voilà!


I also made a little card by cutting letters (like an anonymous letter) in a beautiful liberty paper (Vénylia style) and glue them on a blue paper which was glued on a drawing paper.

"Happy Mothers Day to Mo!"
My sister and I call my mother: Mo

A little gift that I sent by post and that arrived hopefully in one piece and one week in advance.
But as soon as she received it this little naughty lady rushed to open it even if I wrote in big red letters on the enveloppe : 
"don't open until the 29th of May"

"oh I didn't see" she said, mmh. ◔.◔

As a bonus the rushes! Have a good week!





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