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Apr 13, 2011

The Unseen Sea

Hello you,

that's it, summer has gone, we are freezing and I caught a cold, whereas last sunday I was gently grilling in paris heat, my feet almost in the Seine river (only 1,5 m above).

Today, I would like to share with you the wonderfull work of Simon Christen, an amator photograph (warning, the photographic level of this blog will increase suddenly).

Simon is an animator for Pixar, few years ago he has developped a passion for photography and since he spends hours outside with his camera, trying to capture The right moment with the perfect light and everything.

bokeh forever

Did you like that?
You can see more here on his website

Now, turn off your phone, put this video in HD and fullscreen and come dream with this surnatural beauty:

time lapses video: a pict taken every 7/10 seconds for hours/days to get this fluidity.


PS : My pro website is 99,5% done, just few micro modifications - perfectionism when you're here - and hop! it wil be on line with its own domains name and hop! I will have a lot of pro contacts and hop I will be rich and I will travel around the world to take great picts, ok I stop dreaming but it's so good to reach the end!

Photos copyright: Simon Christen

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