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Jan 15, 2011

Mt St Michel Square

Mt St Michel

I had the pleasure to recieve a couple of australian friends during the holidays, we showed them the Brittany area, even if the weather was not always sunny and it was freezing cold, not funny when you know that in Sydney it's 35°c at the same time...

The opportunity for me to re-discover those high touristic places with my Canon 550d.

The street (there is only one) of Mont Saint Michel is known to be full of wind - I confirm - and I can say that we were spoiled because the temperature was like - 12000°c!

So it's under a beanny and a hood, hidden behind muliple layers of thermo/pulls/coat/wind-jacket, that I took those pictures.

To enjoy under a nice and warm duvet in your place!

just around the corner

You shall not pass



Abbey road

Abbey Square

Spider web


I'm waiting for you

something is hidden



winter's hope
Unfrozen time after this freezing day (vin chaud means hot wine with spices)

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